What Happens After I’ve Applied For My Loan?

  Have you applied for a loan in South Florida but do not know what will happen next? You may have chosen your Lender and have begun the Application process but feel as if there is no movement or are unsure about what is to come. Once you’ve supplied the 6 required pieces of information […]

How Do I Choose The Right Lender For Me?

  Are you looking to buy a home in Coral Gables, Kendall, or other areas of South Florida but do not know what Lender to choose? Not only first-time home buyers but also experienced purchasers find this decision difficult. There are some great tips in this video that will help you choose your lender carefully. […]

How Can I Determine My Housing Needs Before I Begin The Search?

  Are you thinking of purchasing a home in Miami, Florida but having trouble determining your housing needs? Like the video shows, your home should fit the way you live, with spaces and features that appeal to the whole family. Before you begin looking at homes make a list of your priorities – things like […]

What Steps Need To Be Taken To Secure A Loan?

  What steps need to be taken to secure a loan for your purchase in Miami, Florida? You’ll see some pictures in this video to help you remember later, but the first step in securing a loan is to complete a loan application. To do so, you’ll need the following information. Pay stubs for the […]

Are There Special Mortgages For First-Time Homebuyers?

    Are you a first-time home buyer looking for a special mortgage in Miami, Florida? If so, you are in luck. Lenders are now offering several affordable mortgage options which can help first-time home buyers overcome obstacles that made purchasing a home difficult in the past. Lenders may now be able to help borrowers who […]

What Will The TRID Loan Estimate Tell Me?

  Have you applied for a loan in South Florida and questioned what the TRID Loan Estimate will tell you? The Loan Estimate documents the essential facts and terms of an approved real estate loan. It includes: loan terms projected payments and loan costs cash and costs at closing time the services for which you CAN and CANNOT […]

Understanding Your Loan: Cash And Transaction Summaries

  Page 3 of your Closing Disclosure will compare cash requirements from your Loan Estimate to your actual final charges. If “Did this change?” is “YES” notes for changed sections should be provided. The bottom line final “Cash to Close” is the money you will need in-hand in three business days. If your transaction has a […]

How Should I Prepare The Inside For An Open House?

  Great advice for prepping the inside of your home for showings. It’s remarkable how much these simple things can improve your chances of selling your home. One – Depersonalize. You want the buyer to envision this house being their home? Remove the things that make it YOUR home – photos, awards, collections, and STUFF. […]

How Should I Prepare For Internet Showing?

  Today, your first “showing” will be on the Internet – you’re watching this on the Internet, right? Perhaps your Realtor will ask you to consider professional staging advice or help. Prep for photos and video just as carefully as real visits. Photos should make the most of your home’s features and give prospective buyers an emotional connection […]

How Do I Make A Home Ready To Sell?

  As we show you in this video, start several months before the property is made available. Look through the eyes of a buyer When thinking of selling a home, give yourself plenty of lead time – and always get help from a real estate agent ahead of time. Perhaps interview two or three and […]

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